Nathan Young

People person, technical leader, problem solver.


Professional Background

I'm looking for work. The ideal fit for me would involve leadership and technical challenge working in software development for the web. Resume contains the typical summary and history.

My Sabbatical: I've spent the last several months breaking some of the patterns my employment had taken and focusing on building the substance that's become important and inspiring to me.

Among a diverse set of other things, this included working as a part time developer at a startup, scratching the long standing itch to apply my technical chops to the very best new technology hands on.

I have turned substantial energy and focus towards hiring and I've been able to observe the relationship of hiring, growth and turnover on a team and on a set of teams. I've learned to see the organic nature of the team as a living thing whose health is built on the individuals and their relationships, and the coming and going of people as both a necessary renewal and a potential stressor (both magnified during rapid growth).

Professional Mentorship

Carreer development, business systems and accountability, communication and transperency

My Kids

My 3 children are 17, 19 and 23.


Mediation and conflict coaching.


2380 SW Vermont St #11
Portland, OR 97219


+1 (503) 752-8562